Comic strip for the 5th of November, 2006

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Dragon Tails

As you can probably guess, the whole "back in the swing of things by next week" thing didn't exactly work out. But it all does limp on.

I'm not a fan of the recent erratic update schedule, but at the same time things have been very distracting for me lately and something had to give.


There's been discussion on the message board recently in regards to how to improve things, and I'd like to open that up to a general invite for people to start thinking about what would make the DT community better or more accessible.

Activities, events, different ways to get involved, obviously everything has practical limitations, but often things can start simple and build their way up.

The Rant

Ahh the ole.. wait, it still says daily rant? Man I really need to change that. It's not daily and it's not even a rant! But maybe more importantly, what would you be interested in seeing here? Obviously if you're read this far you're somewhat literate, and perhaps even interested in additional information so really my question concerns it's flavour and possibly composition.

Obvious options are talking more about the comic, where the concept came from, even how it was made, that sort of thing, or taking more of a bloggy approach of discussing things that have caught my attention. I could collect links that I find interesting and by extension of you reading and possibly even enjoying my comic, you might also find interesting...

Or maybe you're desperate for the conclusion of Simon the Bionic Raccoon.

I don't know... just kicking around a few ideas at the moment.


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