Comic strip for the 30th of April, 2006

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Dragon Tails

Annnnd the comic's up. Woo. Sorry for the delay, or rather, I'm saying that, but am not really sorry because I've had a pretty draining week so am not really beating myself up too much about being a day late.

It feels nice to have it done though. :D Especially after this evening started with my scene repeatedly crashing. I get enough of that at work at the moment, thank-you-very-much, I do not need it from low poly dragons.

To say life is interesting, with interesting implying a mixture of good and bad, like some kind of crazy adventure, would be a misleading statement, but interesting is a good way to describe it anyway. I'm learning all kinds of new things, little wonderful new things, in fact I was half preparing a short essay on an experience I had in the supermarket after work today, which makes me wish I had some kind of small device that would plug into my brain and record my internal monologues so I wouldn't look at this update screen and think "I'm not typing and proofing that now, I want to go to sleep."

It kinda started with the deli section and ended up with me criticising Terminator 2. But probably not for the reasons you might think!

Caption Activity

Look, I'm not really even going to try to explain this one. Go post on it though :D


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